I finally did it!

As a treat to myself to celebrate the release of Book 3, I finally took the plunge and went for the ombre hair that I’ve been longing for since basically forever. Here’s the results!

purple hair 1.jpg

I think my hair stylist, Alex, did a great job! XD She gave me some advice on helping the color to last longer, but I want to make it last as long as possible. Does anyone have any tips or tricks from their own experience?


  1. Its beautiful! If you want your color extended wash it with luke warm to coldish water. With warm to hot water your hair cuticles open (like open windows) cold water closes cuticles (shuts the windows) so if you want color to stay longer washing it every other day (or every 2 days) and I would do it with warmish to cooler water. 😀

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      1. lol, I always do the hair first and quickly then pin it up with either clip of elastic and then thank God when I am able to increase the temperature, lol. Then take a hot shower with hair out of the way.

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