Happy Halloween from my Favorite Does-Tricks-For-Treater!

Happy Halloween! In honor of the day, I’m digging up one of my favorite old posts to share. It’s too early in the day to have photos of this year’s costume, but I’ll have it up on Instagram tonight!

It’s Halloween. You should either be trick-or-treating or handing out candy. But since you’re clearly not doing either one, please enjoy some pictures of my favorite does-tricks-for-treater!

Sumo Angel
Treat! Angel Sumo

Sumo Lobster
Treat! Lobster Sumo

Sumo Pumpkin
Treat! Pumpkin Sumo

Sumo Shark
Treat! Shark Sumo

Santa Sumo
Trick! It’s way too early for this costume!

football sumo
Treat! Football Sumo

prince sumo
Treat! Prince Sumo

reindeer sumo
Trick! Too early for this costume too…

shark sumo
Treat! Shark Sumo version 2
Shark Halloween
Halloween 2015


    1. This was a collection of costumes from over the years, so I didn’t make him model them all at once. ^_^ He used to like wearing clothes, but after he had to wear “the cone” after getting fixed, he doesn’t even like to wear a collar. So he tolerates new costumes for a little while then wants to wiggle out of them. haha But worry not, he got plenty of treats for wearing these! (And he gets plenty of treats for just being the good boy that he is too!)

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