Welcome to the Records of the Ohanzee

A young adult fantasy series written by Rachel R. Smith.

Hundreds of years ago, after the Fall of Civilization, the land of Renatus was united by the great King Gared. The peace he established lasted long after he passed and the country remained as one until Gared’s great-great-grandchildren were born. Their father, unable to choose an Heir from two equally worthy candidates, divided Renatus into two nations, Chiyo and Marise, giving one to each of his beloved children.

Time passed, gradually changing the seasons, landscapes, and even the hearts of men—slowly fading the fragile bonds between friends, families, and kingdoms. In Marise, the people strove to rediscover the knowledge lost in the Fall, to conquer the world around them, and to unlock its vast mysteries. In Chiyo, however, the people clung steadfast to King Gared’s ideals, seeking to understand nature’s complexities, harvesting its bounty, and striving to live in harmony with the land. Both countries flourished, learning and progressing, and growing more dissimilar with each passing year. Eventually, blood ties between Chiyo and Marise faded, and the blissful unity of the two nations lessened to little more than diplomatic relations.

Twenty years ago, those ties were further weakened when King Casimer of Marise staged an unsuccessful assassination attempt on the Royal Family of Chiyo. Now, in Chiyo, the masquerade ball celebrating the twentieth anniversary of that failed attempt approaches…

The Records of the Ohanzee series is written in a serialized style with a story line that flows continuously between books. The complete Reflection story arc is now available (Records of the Ohanzee Books 1-4). The second story arc, Revenant, will begin in Book 5 (forthcoming).