The Queen’s Assassin Update and Giveaway Info

The Queen's AssassinThe release date for Revenant: The Queen’s Assassin has changed from January 30 to February 13.

While the final draft of The Queen’s Assassin is coming along well, there are a few changes and additions I’ve recently decided to incorporate–even though it is late in the process to do so–because I feel like they will make both book 6 and book 7 stronger. I never want to release a book that has been rushed either in writing, editing, or formatting, hence the need for two additional weeks to do all of these things properly.

In the meantime, I will be kicking off a giveaway to celebrate The Queen’s Assassin‘s impending release on Instagram tomorrow, January 21. The giveaway will be open until Thursday, February 20, so be sure to join me at @rachel_r._smith to enter for a chance to win some amazing sparkling prizes! (Check out a preview of the prizes below!)


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