Crystals and minerals are an integral part of the story in the Records of the Ohanzee series. I have been an admirer and collector of mineral specimens for years. As a scientist, I find the relationship between a mineral’s chemical composition and appearance/crystal structure to be fascinating. (The fact that minerals are sparkly and brightly colored certainly doesn’t reduce my interest either.)

Here, I will feature some of the minerals from my personal collection and label them with their actual name and chemical composition. Below the real-life labels, I will also identify their type using the naming convention from Renatus. I hope that these images can serve as a visual guide for the crystals described in the books!

Celestite (SrSO4), close-up
Celestite (SrSO4), Water-Fire

Calcite (CaCO3), Earth-Earth

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz (SiO2), Air-Earth

Pyrite on Quartz
Pyrite on Quartz, Air/Metal-Fire/Metal This is an example of a crystal that would be considered to have 3 elements.

Chalcanthite (CuSO4·5H2O), Water-FireNote:Mineral is naturally occurring but my specimen is man-made.

Sulfur (S), Fire-Earth

Pyrite (FeS2), Metal-Metal

Quartz (SiO2), Air-Fire

Quartz (SiO2), Spirit

Enhydro Agate
Enhydro Agate (SiO2), Air-Water This piece of agate is hollow with water and an air bubble trapped inside. If you hold a flashlight to the stone you can see the water slosh around, but it doesn’t photograph well.

Amethyst (SiO2), Water-Fire

Below is a guide to the crystal naming convention used in Renatus:
(Note: crystals are named first by color, then by type.)

Color Shape
Fire: Red/Yellow/Orange Fire: Pointed/Jagged
Water: Blue/Purple Water: Smooth/rounded
Earth: Brown/Green/Black Earth: Smooth/flat
Metal: Metallic Metal: Geometric/90 deg angles
Air: White/Grey/Pastels Air: Fluffy/Cotton-like appearance
Spirit: Clear/Transparent Spirit: Spirit crystals are determined solely by color

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