The Hidden Dangers of Being a Writer

During my time working in materials science, my job required me to wear a variety of personal protective equipment. Lab coats, safety glasses, all manner of gloves, face masks, steel-toed shoes, bunny suits (the clean room kind, not the Playboy kind), ear plugs–you name it, I’ve had to wear it. And I looked cute doing it too, I assure you. ^_-

No one talks about the dangers associated with being a writer. Granted, based on my personal observations the risks are very low. But today I encountered one of those hazards, quite unexpectedly. It’s gruesome. It’s painful. Those of you with weak stomachs might want to turn away (not really, the picture is totally tame). Behold:

The fearsome paper cut! T_T It’s tiny. It’s not even deep. Why does it feel like my pinky finger has been dealt a mortal wound?!?Boo boo

And, yes, that is a Minions band-aid. Almost makes it worth the paper cut…almost.

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