Refrigerator Comics

Refrigerator art: chances are if you have a refrigerator, you’ve got pieces of paper stuck to it with magnets. Maybe it’s coupons. Maybe party invitations or reminders. Maybe it’s your kids’ artwork. I know my mom’s fridge was always covered in one masterpiece or another that my brother and I created. As we grew up, the pieces slowly disappeared and were replaced with sticky notes, phone numbers, a white board, grocery lists…and these three little gems. My mom snipped these comics from the local paper over the years that I’ve been working on the Records of the Ohanzee series. She even modified the caption in some cases. They’ve been on the fridge for awhile. How long? Long enough to turn an ancient-looking shade of yellow. It took almost all of my photo editing skills to turn them back to a white background for your viewing pleasure. 😉 What gems are hanging from your fridge?


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