Sometimes words are hard

I’m sure this is a phenomenon that almost everyone has experienced–whether you are a student writing papers or a thesis, a writer, or a professional that writes reports etc for work. Sometimes I sit down to write and the words flow smoothly from my brain through my fingers and onto the page in perfect prose. And some days I can’t even string two words together coherently. I don’t understand it, or why it happens, but it’s definitely a thing.

Yesterday was one of those days. I knew exactly what I wanted to write, how to write it, and even had an outline to work from. I tried for hours to muddle through and be productive despite the “block”, but ended up leaving myself in a frustrated daze and barely able to carry on a conversation with my husband. To his credit, he did try talking to me for awhile but the best answers I could muster were something along the lines of “me no today write good able”. I swear I could feel grey hairs springing out of my scalp. I was rescued when he whisked me away to eat out for dinner. By the end of the evening my scrambled brain had pieced itself back together and I managed to write for a few hours before bed. My hero! ^_-

Today, I’m back on track and happily tappity-tapping away. However, I find that even though I’m happy and productive today, this isn’t the case for everyone in the house. Exhibit A below illustrates my point far better than I can describe it. His attempts at distraction have been repeatedly spurned in my attempt to make up for yesterday’s lack of productivity. Here you see the rare Sulking Sumo, which eventually evolved into the adorable Sleeping Sumo. You should see the face he made when I finally decided to take a break and said the magic word “outside”. But that’s a story for another day…

We are not amused.
Chomping on Blue Dog’s tail is a must for optimal sleep.


  1. Nice post, I often struggle to choose words, and have come to the conclusion that, its difficult to define words using words, I guess thats what sematics are. Words can be generalized or specified, and can be simple or complex.

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