Little Free Library

There's Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror on top of the stack!
There’s Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror on top of the stack!

Over the weekend, we ventured down to the local bike trail and dropped off a paperback copy of Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror at a Little Free Library. I left a handwritten note in the cover for whomever happens to pick up the book (which is ironically similar to the messages in the covers of the books that are so integral to the plot of the story itself!). I can’t even describe how ecstatic  I would be to, one day, find a response here or on Facebook from someone who came across this copy. I wonder if that will ever happen?

Now I just need to restrain myself from going back and obsessively checking to see if anyone has taken it yet. Is it silly that I worry about the little house/box being waterproof because I don’t want my poor book to get all wet?  The box was very well made and the other books inside were all in very good condition, so I’m sure this is just a matter of me being over-protective. ^_^;  (But I can’t help but worry a bit because each book is sort of like a little piece of me! I want it to go out into the world and be loved. Ugh, that sounds so cheesy, but it’s the truth so I may as well own up to it.)

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of the Little Free Library, you should definitely check it out. Visit their website here to learn more: Maybe one of you would want to create your own Little Free Library! You can also find any existing ones near you by searching the map on their website here:

Happy reading!


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