Opinions Needed! Which do you prefer?

Harbinger (1)
Version 1

Harbinger 2
Version 2

I’m working on the cover image for book 2 of the Records of the Ohanzee series and I need some input. Above are the quick and dirty versions of the cover using each base image (keep in mind that the pictures still need to be color adjusted etc). I’d like to keep the overall cover design consistent with the layout for book 1 (below), but I just can’t decide which image I prefer between version 1 and version 2.

So my question is: which one do you prefer? What do you like or dislike about it?

Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror cover


  1. I like both images a lot actually and I think you could take aspects of both. So I like the angle of things better in the second one but I like the piece in the bottom corner of the first image. If you combined the two I think it would be gorgeous 🙂

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  2. In my personal opinion, version 2 with the angle is a cleaner look. I’d have to see the smaller piece in the bottom to decide if I like it there or not. (I’m a visual person!) Maybe you could post it with the other two versions.

    BTW, when is book two coming out? I am looking forward to seeing more of the Charis and Amon storyline. I hope they play a part in book 2!

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    1. Thank you! I found a perfume vial, which is related to the plot of the second book, this afternoon. I’m going to retake the photo tomorrow with that in the bottom right hand corner and see how it looks! Probably will follow up with a post for opinions again ^_^ The more feedback the better!

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