Sumo Wishes Everyone a Happy National Dog Day!

Sumo wanted me to make a post so that he could wish everyone a happy National Dog Day! What better way to celebrate than to share some pictures showing the many faces of Sumo?

Happy Sumo Happy Car Sumo

First, my favorite expression: Happy Sumo ^_^ He makes this face pretty often, especially in connection with hearing phrases like “Sumo go too” and “Sumo go outside”. He absolutely loves riding in the car, but he is especially happy when he gets to ride in his new car seat. The happier he is, the more his ears disappear. ^_-

Sad Sumo

Next up, Sad Sumo. This is the face that he makes when he hears “bye-bye” or someone puts on their shoes. Occasionally, this face is successful in drawing out the phrase “Ok, Sumo go too”, in which case, Sad Sumo turns into Surprised Sumo (below).

Surprised Sumo

Surprised Sumo. Lots of things lead to surprised Sumo, but the tricky part is getting the picture before before he bursts into a fluffy, blurry bundle of barks.

Cuddly Sumo

Here, we have cuddly Sumo. Sumo absolutely loves blankets. Laying on them, rolling on them, rolling in them, you name it, he loves it.

Lastly, this isn’t a facial expression, but it is Sumo’s little secret…

General Hospital Sumo

I write best with the TV on as background noise, so Sumo gets to watch lots of daytime TV. For the most part, he couldn’t care less about what’s on–unless there’s a dog on, then it’s time to bark until the dog is gone. But I’ve discovered that Sumo loves watching General Hospital, especially when Nina and Franco are on. Well, I should amend that. Sorry, Franco, it seems like Nina is the one that he’s really watching. Whenever she is on, Sumo sits or stands in front of the TV with his full attention on the screen.

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