Harbinger’s Harbinger! (and Sumo!)

I’m very excited for today’s blog update! In preparation for the release of Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix, the blog has gotten a new look. Check out that awesome header image (please tell me it’s awesome…I’ve spent hours working on it!). Also an updated tagline and the new color scheme.

I’m also busily working on proofing/revising/editing Harbinger’s manuscript. I could save myself a lot of time if I could just write everything with perfect wording, grammar, and spelling the first time around. That’s totally possible, right? ^_-

Sumo finds the editing process thoroughly boring and passed out on the sofa next to me after General Hospital ended. (I love the fact that there’s a tiny paw print on the sofa in front of his face!)

Looks like a good idea to me…

Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix (Records of the Ohanzee book 2) is coming later this month!


      1. I have to let the girls know! They are going to get a kick out of it and I’m sure would like to interview you. They are interested in becoming a astrophysicist, astronomer, etc….lol. Science is their greatest interest.

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      2. I’d be glad to! I was fortunate to find other scientists who encouraged and supported my interests (including astronomy before chemistry stole my heart!) when I was younger. I would love to return the favor forward.


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