We Interrupt this Author Blog for Laundry Day! Or, a Sumo in a Blanket

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned Sumo’s affinity for blankets on this blog before. If there’s a blanket within his reach, Sumo is rolling in it or on it. What I’ve not mentioned before is his affection for laundry. Like most people, I sort my laundry into piles before washing. After one particular incident, which involved pulling a clean shirt from the washer to discover Blue Dog inside the sleeve, I learned Sumo likes to bury his toys in the sorted piles. I suspect that he considers clothing and blankets to be interchangeable. After all, from the perspective of a tiny dog, what difference is there between a shirt or a towel or a blanket–other than the size of the cloth? Ever since then, I’ve kept a watchful eye and several times have discovered toys nestled within the dirty laundry. Maybe it’s a not-so-subtle hint that Sumo wants his toys to be Snuggle fresh. ^_-

Needless to say, laundry day around our house is like Christmas for my furry little buddy. Yesterday, I heard the characteristic snorteling (think snorkeling but with a “t”) that goes hand in hand with a Sumo actively playing in blankets. Sure enough, there he was burying Blue Bear in the sheets that were piled up to be washed. I submit for your viewing pleasure, the video evidence of Sumo’s dirty little laundry secret:

He was even so kind as to pose for a picture afterward. Because Sumo has no shame.

Sumo Blankets
He’s so cute that he gets away with anything. And he *knows* it.

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work preparing Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix for release. Check back next week for a sneak peek of Chapter 1 – Handkerchief starring Charis and Amon!

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