Judging a Book’s Cover Part II

First of all, I’d like to give a huge thank you to each person who took the time to give me feedback on yesterday’s post. I really appreciate your input and it has been invaluable to me as I’m working on this revision.

Based that input, I’ve taken another stab at a revised cover. The overwhelming majority seemed to favor the original layout, but the new version of the image was well received. So this newest version is my attempt to blend what people liked best about both the original and the new. Which do you prefer? The original or newest revision?

Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror cover

Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror blended cover revision
Newest revision


      1. I’m excited to read it! I think I like the second more because it has a reflection in it like the title. I just felt like I should explain why I picked it.

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  1. I also really like the newest version. I like the reflection of the mask in the black background. It makes it feel a bit more clean and rounded-off, but that’s just my opinion 🙂

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