I Have S’mores on my Feet! (And I’m loving every minute of it)


Hubby just gave me an early Christmas present–heated s’mores slippers. The happy expressions on their graham cracker faces are a perfect representation of how my feet feel right now. Ten toasty warm little toes. The best part is that they are USB powered. Now when I write, all I have to do is slip them on and plug them in to my laptop. Happy feet, indeed.


  1. Omg okay you officially have the coolest stuff. I MUST HAVE A PAIR OF THOSE SLIPPERS!!!!!! Although my waistline would never forgive me for making me think of smores all day long… I just bought a new pair of slippers today, but they’re just boring fuzzy ones.

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    1. Seriously, I’ve been using them for days now and they are *amazing*. The slippers really do make my feet feel like they are swaddled in toasty warm marshmallows. They get warm enough to be cozy but not enough to make my feet actually get hot. Just like Mary Poppins, they’re practically perfect in every way. XD
      Hubby got them from thinkgeek.com. I checked and they will ship to Spain. So you can have a pair of your own tooooo…

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