1337 Likes? What’s so special about 1337?


Earlier today I got a notification from WordPress that my blog has now received 1337 likes. Cool! But what’s significant about 1337?

Naturally, I turn to Hubby, who is sitting on the couch beside me, and ask, “What’s so special about 1337?”

To which my favorite computer nerd replies, with narrowed eyes and a wry grin, “You don’t know what 1337 means?”

I answer his question first with a blink and a blank stare and then realization dawned on me. “Haha, I’m 1337! Guess I’m officially not a blogging n00b anymore!” ^_-

Thanks everybody! Here’s to the next 1337! (^_^)v


  1. I got this achievement the other day and when I was looking for s graphic to save to my achievements, this post popped up! I didn’t know you wrote those books! I think I have the first one in the series on my Amazon wishlist! Wow!
    I know we are friends, but I had no idea you were an author! I just get emails when you post! And I’m behind in my emails…by approx 500 or so…
    Very cool! Congrats on your achievement, though it’s been awhile, and I’m glad we share being leet!

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    1. Oh wow, what a coincidence! Book 1 actually has a free E book promo scheduled for next week (Oct 18/19), so if you want a copy that would be a good time to pick it up. I’ll be making a post announcing it next week as well. ^_^
      I know what you mean about emails. It’s so easy to get buried in them. I just accepted your Goodreads friend request too, thank you!
      And congrats on achieving 1337 status! ^_- I think WordPress must catch everyone off guard with that award lol


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