Odds of Winning: 1 in 292 million…Challenge Accepted!

1.5 billion dollars.jpg

$2 for the chance to win…dun dun DUN…$1.5 billion dollars? I’ll take it!

I bought a ticket for last Saturday’s drawing using the numbers from the back of my fortune cookie. Unfortunately, while the cookie was tasty, it failed to deliver on the lottery numbers. This time I went with a more reliable method: I let the computer randomly pick the numbers for me. ^_- Did you know that computers are better at picking truly random numbers than humans?

Sure the odds of winning are small, but 1 in 292 million is still greater than 0. Based on the number of tickets sold, statistically, it is almost guaranteed that someone will win tonight (if not multiple people). And let’s be real–a ticket costs less than a 20 oz soda and a candy bar. There are worse ways to spend $2. To those of you who live in Powerball states: have you bought a ticket? Even if you don’t, would you buy a ticket if you did?



      1. I think it was just the powerball number at the end. If you go to powerball . com > winning prizes it gives you the details on how much, if any, you won. (And no ma’am I did not spend more than $12 lol.)

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