Nail Polish Sunday #4-Zoya Hazel

It’s that time again–Nail Polish Sunday! Today I’m keeping it simple and sharing one of my favorite polish brands–Zoya. If you haven’t heard of Zoya before, here’s a link to their page. It’s not a brand that you can find in a lot of places (at least in my experience), but it’s an Ohio-based company so it holds a special place in my heart. Zoya polishes come in a huge range of colors and are now big 5 free.

I picked one of their colors for today because I got an email reminder this morning about a special promo they are running. Until midnight (EST) tonight, you can get 4 bottles of their polish for free through their website if you use code 4YOU at checkout. You still have to pay $15 for shipping/handling, but that’s still a pretty good deal for polish that usually costs $9 per bottle! (FYI–I’m not getting anything out of recommending them, I just really like their polish!)

So, this week I painted my nails with one of their newer colors: Hazel.


It’s a grey-green shade with an almost metallic sheen. The formula applies easily and dries glossy smooth. Two coats later plus top coat and–voila!–here’s the result.


I have a lot of Zoya polishes, and the formula is consistently great for all of them. Here are just a few of my favorite colors (and yes, I definitely have a soft spot for blues ^_-).

Mosheen and Rebel
Blu and Cosmo

Of these four, Blu is my favorite. In the bottle, it’s an unassuming pale blue–almost white. I’m not normally a fan of the extremely pale pastels, they tend to wash out my skin. But Blu is one of those rare exceptions that not only matches my skin tone, it enhances it. And who wouldn’t love that?

Do you have a favorite brand or color that might not be very well known? Let me know in the comments!


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