Interview with Rachel Smith

A big thanks to Clémence for inviting me to do an author interview for her website. Visit her website to see the full interview, and be sure to check out the rest of her blog too!

Clemi's Bookish World

Hi guys! I’m here today with another interview! I discovered the Records of the Ohanzee series through NetGalley, and I really loved it. I have reviewed both books here and here.

Rachel was kind enough to answer my questions, and I’m sharing her amazing answers here on the blog. Go check out her books, they are amazing!

My questions will be in bold, and her answers in italics.

Rachel R. Smith

How did you get the idea for your series Records of the Ohanzee?

The story and characters from Records of the Ohanzee have been rolling around in my head for so long that I’ve honestly forgotten what first sparked the idea. Most likely, it was a combination of many influences. I used to do a lot of driving between college and home, and it was during that time I remember seeing the first scenes in my head. Ironically, those…

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