Disaster Strikes! (Or maybe it was just rabbits…)

Just when I finally thought it was safe to declare that the pansies had survived the winter, Mother Nature sends her cotton-tailed minions of doom to visit the pansy buffet!

Before (Monday):


After (Wednesday):


All the flowers have been munched and some were ripped out of the ground roots and all, leaving sad little holes behind. It’s official–the adorable local woodland creatures are colluding to ruin my garden. At least they leave my roses alone. If those got eaten, my head might explode. XD No, seriously. I like rabbits, but you mess with my roses and I’m calling in Elmer Fudd.

Any gardeners out there with repellent suggestions? I don’t want to hurt the little guys, just “gently” encourage them to visit the nearby buffets instead. (Don’t tell my neighbors I said that…^_-) I hear lavender works as a repellent, but is that really true?

PS-The real irony here is that today I’m working on revisions for Chapter 10, which is aptly titled “Nightmares of Rabbits and Wolves.” Talk about art imitating life!


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