This is Not What I Needed…

I intended to spend the day editing today, but the universe had other plans.


I’ve been putting the finishing touches on the description for Book 3 this weekend and had decided to lead with the last line from Book 2: “Beware of the spirit that guards the book in the cave.” Apparently, I should beware the bolts that stick up from the top of the parking block. I’ve loved Camaros since I was 13. It’s an understatement to say that I dearly love my car. It makes me sick to see it in such a state. That is not minor damage. But you know what? Cars can be fixed, and that’s what insurance is for.

Back to work for me.

Sumo sympathizes


  1. Exactly so. Cars can indeed be fixed, but only you can write those great books, so glad you’re back at it 😉 I’m in the office today too, so I’m glad I’m not the only one not outside today!

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    1. Indeed. I’m too close to the deadline to let myself get taken off track. As a consolation to myself, I bought a new hanging plant (fuchsia hybrida pink/white combo) for our backyard so I’ll have something pretty to look at. ^_^v

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    1. Thanks, it’s been very good to me! And thanks to the color, despite my forgetfulness, I’ve never once lost it in the parking lot. Though it seems I’ve lost my bumper in the parking lot this time. -_-


  2. I hope your poor car doesn’t take too long to be put back together – it’s an absolute beauty!
    My car is a magnet for disaster, it gets bumped on my street at least twice a week so I definitely feel your pain.

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    1. Thanks! I hope it’s fixed quickly too. It still runs, of course, but it’s not really driveable right now. I sympathize too–parking on the street, even for a short time, makes me nervous. Its so easy to pick up bumps and dings. >_<

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