A New Addiction


It’s official. I have a new addiction. Why, why, did I wait so long to join Instagram? I’m constantly sending pictures to friends and family of random amusements (about 50% of which are related to Sumo, naturally) and I’ve known about Instagram for years. Why did I never put the two together before now? It makes as much sense as another discovered-far-too-late combination: Reese’s cups filled with Reese’s pieces.

My plan is to use my Instagram account to capture and share all those random, fun (and photogenic) things I come across. I can promise a lot of Sumo, tons of flowers, and more sparkly things than you can shake a stick at. Of course, there will be book-related posts there too, but it won’t be as book-centric as this blog. You can find me here: https://www.instagram.com/recordsoftheohanzee/

Any other Instagram users out there? Any tips or advice for a newbie?


    1. Oh! I hadn’t even thought of cross-posting between there and the blog. Thanks for the great suggestion! I added you as well–those hydrangea are beautiful! I’ve never had any luck growing them, always too much or too little water and they wilt away on me. lol

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