Nail Polish Sunday #12

It’s that time again–Nail Polish Sunday! I’ve been extremely busy lately with the final preparations for the release of book 3 and doing the usual spring planting/mulching etc in the yard, but that’s no excuse for skipping nail polish! I must admit, I haven’t been keeping up with my nails quite as well as usual though. (Plus there was an incident involving two fingernails getting broken off, which is too painful to rehash. ­čś» )

So I’m writing today’s post with the idea of “nails for the busy schedule” in mind. I don’t have a lot of time to wait for coats to dry or to apply multiple colors or embellishments, but I still want to wear something bright and fun.


Too Yacht to Handle

And that’s where China Glaze Too Yacht to Handle comes in. It’s a bright blue creme, almost a robin’s egg blue shade. It gives complete coverage in two coats, though you need to be careful because the first one tends to be a bit streaky.


Still, once you get the second coat on, it looks great! Even though it’s from the 2013 spring collection, you can still find it pretty easily.

Since I’ve been so busy, and gardening is rough on the skin, I’ve also been using the new moisturizing hand masks from Sephora.


Hubby likes the avocado hand mask while I prefer┬áthe Argan one. I’ve used them several times now and love the results. The skin on my hands tends to be really sensitive and will break out in hives with certain products, but I haven’t had any┬átrouble with these!

One gloved hand, because the other one was taking the picture!

The only warning I would give is to make sure you peel off the paper off the sticky tabs┬áfor both hands before you put the gloves on. It can be a bit difficult to remove, and it’s nearly impossible once you have a glove on. Bonus points are awarded because I can still use touchscreen devices while wearing these babies! Good work, Sephora. XD


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