Fun with Bookstagram! Tips?

Awhile back, I posted that I had finally taken the plunge and created an Instagram account. (You can see my account here, and feel free to follow me ^_-) Unlike every other social media platform, I took to this one like a fish to water. Initially, my plans were to share all the random fun things I came across in my daily life and, of course, pictures of Sumo.

I mean, come on, who wouldn’t want to see this adorable face every day?!

Or this face?

I know I never get tired of it! You’ll never convince me that he isn’t the cutest dog in the world. (Except maybe when he’s being naughty…you might have a chance then, but it would only be temporary. :P)

I was happy with my Instagramming (verbification is fun!)…and then I discovered “Bookstagram,” the portion of Instagram populated by book bloggers, book lovers, bibliophiles, bookworms…insert whichever synonym you prefer here. To be fair, I was aware of #bookstagram early on, but I didn’t realize just how large and varied the bookstagram population was. The level of book love shown in the community is mind blowing!

Even though I have no chance of creating the kind of lovely, intricate photographs many others do, I’d like to contribute in my own way too. I’ve definitely got enough books for it. ^_-

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so that makes it pretty easy to come up with ideas for October. I have a ton of “scary” reads to share and more Halloween decorations than you can shake a stick at. I’ve already posted a few of my favorites…


I was able to get the unique lighting effects in these images because Hubby and I have the Philips Hue lighting system in our house. It’s a perfect marriage of his love of technology and my affinity for pretty colors! You can even see the different colors from outside through the windows, so our neighbors probably think we’re pretty weird. Which is true, but we’re weird in a good way, I promise! ^_-

Anyway, I’m most definitely still a noob when it comes to bookstagramming. I really like the effect the colored lights give my pictures, so I’m sure I want to stick with that, but I’d like to ask for some advice from those with more experience too. What are your favorite kinds of posts? Do you have any tips for creating unique and interesting photos? Do you participate in monthly challenges? If so, how do you find them and/or decide which one to do?

So many options, so little time!


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