Upcoming Giveaways and Announcement

Since December can be quite a busy month–and its also the season for giving–I wanted to post in advance about several upcoming giveaways I have planned for this month. Be sure to enter for a chance to win a little something from me to you. ^_^

From December 4-12 on Goodreads: Giveaways for a signed paperback copy of each book in the Records of the Ohanzee series. (Note: Goodreads only allows one title per giveaway listing, so each book is listed separately. Be sure to enter all four giveaways if you want a chance to win each book!)

If you’ve already added the books to your Want to Read shelf, you’ll automatically get a notification on Goodreads after the giveaways start. I’ll also post a reminder here on December 4th!

From December 1-12 on Instagram: I’ll be hosting a “Treat Yourself” themed giveaway for my followers. The items included won’t be announced until the giveaway starts on December 1 (this coming Friday!), but I’ll be giving hints on my Instagram Stories over the next few days. As the Treat Yourself theme suggests, they’re all items intended to help the lucky bookworm relax and unwind while curled up with a good book.

From December 13-30 on Instagram: Part two of the “Treat Yourself” themed giveaway will begin! A second chance to win a new set of relaxing bookish items.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram (@rachel_r._smith) for details on how to enter!

And one final announcement! The response to the $0.99 e-book sale on Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror has been even greater than I anticipated, and so I’ve decided to extend the sale indefinitely. Thank you once again to everyone who has supported the launch of the newly formatted books!

As always, I’ll post reminders and links here when each of the giveaways begin! Good luck everyone! (“And may the odds be ever in your favor.” ^_- )

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