Sumo and Throwback Thursday

To support my claim that Sumo is, indeed, the world’s cutest dog, I will occasionally post pictures of him in all of his adorable glory. Sumo is a 3-year old black and tan Pomeranian. He packs enough personality and sweetness for ten dogs into 8 pounds of (mostly) fluff.

To celebrate Throwback Thursday, here’s a picture of Sumo with his favorite toy, “Blue Dog”, then and now. Sumo and his best bud are inseparable. (What he doesn’t know is that we have a stock of 10+ back up Blue Dogs that we rotate through when the previous ones are being washed or wear out. Shhhh, that’s our little secret 😉 )

Sumo and Blue Dog (12 weeks old)

Sumo and Blue Dog (3 years old)


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