Synchronicity and Perfect Book-Reading Weather

The grey gloom

“The scene out the window was the kind of gray gloom that threatens rain all day but fails to produce even a single drop. The leaves on the trees were a mix of vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges dappled with just a splash of lingering green, but even those hues were dimmed by the overcast sky.” Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix, Chapter 1.

When I glanced out the window this afternoon, it struck me that the weather today is an almost perfect match for the opening lines of Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix. I knew that the timing of the book release would match up with the actual time of year in the story. It made me happy that it happened to work out that way, since it’s always more fun to read books during the season they are set in. At least for me, it adds to the ambiance.

But having the weather match up with Chapter 1 on Harbinger’s release day is a beautiful twist of synchronicity. I couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried (what with my sad lack of ability to control the weather and all). This really is perfect book-reading weather.

I hope that you’ll check out Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix on Amazon.

If you haven’t read Book 1 yet, now’s you’re chance to get a copy while it’s on sale through Amazon’s countdown deals for $1.99.

And remember, even if you aren’t reading the Records of the Ohanzee series, and even if it’s cloudless and sunny where you are, it’s always perfect book-reading weather somewhere. Take some time to relax and curl up with a good book (and maybe a cup of coffee in honor of National Coffee Day)!

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