Book Blitz Day 2 Reminders and “Blogkeeping”

The new release celebration for Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix continues!

Here’s a reminder of the current promotions:

$1.99 Amazon Countdown deal for the e-book version of Book 1, Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror through Thursday.

Free download of my short story, Shattered Sugar Dreams, today through October 3.

And, of course, Book 2, Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix is now available!

To everyone who liked, shared, retweeted and reblogged: thank you very much for your support! Releasing a new book is exciting, but spreading the word is a bigger challenge than writing the book itself. I truly appreciate your kind words of encouragement and the time that you took out of your day to share my books with others.

In other news:

You may have noticed some changes around here since the blog has grown to make room for the new addition! My original layout centered around my first book, but now that book 2 is out, it’s time to grow a bit!

I’ve modified the (former) Sample Chapters page to now serve as Book Excerpts. Under the new heading the synopses for both Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror and Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix can be found. From there, links to the sample chapters for each book are provided. The links are still hosted on this blog, as before, but I thought it would be more organized to have one central landing/origin point for both books. I’ve also added a link in the sidebar leading to Book 2 on Amazon. They aren’t major changes, but I hope that they make the site easier to navigate.

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