Nooooooooooo!vember–when the sun disappears forever

The time has come. Every spring, the sun breaks through the clouds and gives me selective amnesia. Then November comes, and I remember. I remember that after Halloween, the spooky skeletons are put away, and the tree skeletons appear. An opaque grey ceiling sets in and the sun goes unseen until March. (Ok, it’s not totally unseen for that long, but it sure feels like it.)

Tree skeletons
Tree skeletons

I think I am at least partly solar powered because after a string of gloomy days like we’ve had this week, I have no energy left. At least I have book 3 to work on and keep me focused! And I have multiple forms of caffeine in a cool mug to keep me warm while I work:

Writer's mug
It was a belated birthday present from my brother. Who knew he would turn out to be so wise? ^_-

And I also have a certain fuzzy sidekick to keep me company during the day. Today is laundry day, so Sumo is especially happy. He’s pretty good at doing silly things to chase the gloom away…

Sumo Laundry day
It’s a little blurry because *someone* kept wiggling…

Is the sun shining where you are? If so, would you mind sending it my way?  I’ll give it back…in March. wink, wink, nudge, nudge


  1. In my neck of the woods (left a bit, down a bit, and left a bit again from yours), we’ve had unseasonably pleasant weather, and only a few grey days. I just know that it’s coming to an end, because it’s late autumn in the Middle West, but if I could wish it away I bally well would…

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  2. The sun sets before four thirty these days up here. And that’s the official time. By five it feels and looks like midnight. My countdown to Christmas, minus a couple days to the shortest day of the year, keeps me going.

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  3. It is usually pretty sunny down in south Texas but some evil Canadians have sent us a cold front so even the sun is a little chilly. For us 54 degrees feels like the depth of winter and out come the sweaters. I just put the heat up to 76 degrees, have a fleecy dressing gown on and am about to put on the gas fire, On the other hand, I can walk three miles in 100 degrees. 🙂

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    1. Texas is where our warm spells in winter time come from, so thank you! ^_- I’ve actually seen similar reactions to the “cold” before. I went to Phoenix in early January a few years ago. While I happily walked around in short sleeves in the sunny, 65 degree weather, the locals were bundled up in heavy winter coats and gloves. It was bizarre to see from my perspective, but I guess when you’re used to 100 degree weather (like you!), 50-60 degrees would seem relatively cold.

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      1. I don’t know- you might not want to let your dog associate with mine. She’s kind of… well I’ll put it nicely and say social misfit. She falls in love with any small dog who’s terrified of her and she’ll just stalk them mercilessly with her love. But if a dog actually likes her she totally ignores them or yells at them to get away from her. Yeah… she’s a little crazy… If she weren’t so little and adorable I might actually be scared for my life.

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      2. Haha! Sumo seriously needs some doggy friends his size. He thinks he is a big dog and always wants to hang out with ones that are like 10x his size. He seems a bit unnerved by little dogs, but I would feel better if he played with friends that couldn’t accidentally squish him or gobble him in one chomp as a late night snack. Even furry children can’t be cooperative for their parents, I suppose. 😛

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