It’s Not Just Post-it Notes (I have more nail polish than one person should, and I’m not sorry!)

As a (quasi) follow up to my previous post, I thought it would be fun to share another of my little obsessions. This one isn’t really related to books. Unless you’re like me and you think it’s important for your hands to look good as you tap away at the keyboard while writing.

You see, I love nail polish. Not love in a healthy, happy middle, I-own-a-few-bottles sort of way. I love nail polish with reckless and unfettered abandon. See exhibits A, B, C, and D below. Organized by color for my browsing pleasure (because, let’s be real, not many people wander into my bathroom).

Blue section
Exhibit A-The Blues

White and purple section
Exhibit B- The Whites and Purples

Exhibit C- The Pinks

Exhibit D- The Reds

And those are just the ones that fit in the carousel. Some of the specialized ones (crackle top coats etc) are kept in a case under the sink. I used to keep all of them in a big plastic tub, but it was a hassle to find the exact color I wanted. Since we moved into our house, I have more counter space and thus was able to upgrade to a spinning “Nails” polish condo. (Wondering about the pun on “Nails?” Look closely at the sign on top of the carousel. 😉 ) Since real estate in this carousel is limited, I’ve implemented a buy a bottle, give a bottle policy. Whenever I get a new color, I make myself get rid of one I already own. It just so happens that a friend’s daughter also loves polish, so I pass them along to her. It’s a win-win. 🙂

Out of all of the different types of makeup that exist, nail polish is unquestioningly my favorite. I have loved it ever since I was very young. I still remember going to visit my great-grandma and great-aunt and being so excited when they pulled out their (former) cookie tin filled with nail polish so I could pick what color I wanted them to paint my nails. I’m not nearly as talented or creative with it as many of the beauty bloggers out there, but I have more than a few tricks at the end of my sleeve (and I know how to do it on the cheap). If there’s any interest, I may start a weekly or bi-weekly Nail Polish Sunday post. What do you think?


  1. Love it! The obsession, the policy, the blog idea, all of them! I love polish also, and I have a lot of it because my mom periodically fills my stocking with them. However, I get so frustrated having it chip after one day at work because I type so much, that I kind of avoid it lately. Except on my toes… Where it lasts longer. now that we’re into the holidays, I’m going to try to wear it a little more for Christmas parties and such.

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    1. Awesome! 🙂 It really is frustrating to spend the time painting your nails just to have it chip the next day. I’ve managed to find a combination of top coats that will *usually* last about a week and a half before it chips. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the same effect when I do my mom or aunt’s nails. It may be that the polish doesn’t adhere as well to them since they don’t wear it often. One of life’s little mysteries. I’ll share my “magic” combo in next week’s post though!

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