Warning: Author Geeking Out (Also, Sumo reveals his reading preferences)

Today, I got my first look at the new paperback copies of both Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror and Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix. It’s one thing to see the full image on my computer monitor and another to actually hold a physical copy of the book in my hand. It’s a good thing I was home alone, because I squealed with delight as soon as I opened the box, and I’m pretty sure hubby would have teased me for my reaction. The new covers look even better in real life than they do on screen–thank you once again, West Coast Design!

So the only rational reaction was to take a picture to share here with all of you! They look so pretty sitting on my shelf with the rest of my books.


When I laid them out on the bed to take a picture of the fronts, Sumo decided to jump into the photo. Apparently, no photo can be taken in this house without him in it. He hopped onto the bed, wandered right into the picture, and plopped down.

I’m here, you may start taking pictures now.-Sumo

After graciously allowing me to snap a few pictures (and telling me that halogen lights make colors look odd in photos), he took a distinct interest in book 2. There was a great deal of sniffling, “snorteling,” and snuffling. I snatched the book before the licking could commence. Because licking always comes next.

Books do not like being licked, Sumo!

It would seem that Sumo likes book 2 even better than he likes book 1. At least, it must smell better. ^_-


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