Science Explains Fantasy: Weaknesses

Jonathan MacGregor has a great series on Science Explains Fantasy on his blog MacGregor’s Pen. I love the concept of fantasy elements having a basis in real science so this series is one of my favorites to keep up with. Check out his latest post on weaknesses, and be sure to explore his previous posts in the series too!

MacGregor's Pen

Even the mightiest of us have our weaknesses.  Superman, the embodiment of physical superiority, is reduced to a position of humility in the presence of kryptonite.


Many characters in fiction have their own personal kryptonite:  werewolves and silver, vampires and sunlight… the list goes on.  Below is a picture from Serkworks that highlights the weaknesses of several famous movie monsters and villains.  Hoodies and t-shirts featuring this design are available here.

How to kill monsters

Kryptonite may not be real, but it has become synonymous with weakness.  But can we have our own personal kryptonite?  The concept of having a personal weakness is far more commonplace than you might think.


Allergies are so common that this segment hardly needs any introduction.  It is estimated that 15 million Americans suffer from food-related allergies alone, which marks a 50% increase from those estimated in 1997.  Although it remains unclear why allergies are on the rise…

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