Nail Polish Sunday #5

It’s that time again–Nail Polish Sunday! This week, I came across a gorgeous color from the China Glaze 2016 spring collection called Moonlight the Night. It’s a bluish multi-colored glitter.

Zoya Dream and China Glaze Moonlight the Night

The color isn’t intense enough to be worn by itself–it’s definitely best used as a top coat. I decided to pair it with Zoya Dream, which is a deep blue with a touch of silver micro-glitter. After 1 coat, Dream isn’t opaque enough to cover the nail completely, but it was enough coverage to pair with a topcoat.

1 coat of Zoya Dream

I followed up with 2 coats of Moonlight the Night, and this was the result!


In person, the appearance of the glitter is really dynamic–constantly transitioning through blue/green/yellow like an opal. Of course, that doesn’t come across in still photographs.

Recently, I came across a great website Live, Love, Polish, which sells some truly unique colors and brands. I ordered a few bottles to give them a try, and they should arrive in time for the next Nail Polish Sunday. So far, I can say that their customer service is very polite and responsive, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again in the future. Until next time… ^_^


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