Books and Fashion–a Perfect Pairing!

As readers and writers, we often speak of books and tea as a perfect pairing. Yesterday, while browsing through my Twitter feed, I happened to stumble across a book-related pairing that I had previously never heard of–pairing books and fashion.

You can only imagine my surprise (and excitement!) to discover that the particular link I found was to a “book look” Mikky V of Nocturnal Predators Reviews had done which was inspired by the cover of Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror.

Reflection Book Look.jpg

The concept is to put together fashion styles inspired by book covers. I love it! Such a fun way to combine two seemingly unrelated ideas. I promptly lost an hour (or maybe more if I’m being completely honest) surfing around to see looks based on various books that I’ve read. Here are a few others that I came across and wanted to share:

Winners Crime Book Look

This one was also created by Mikky V, inspired by The Winner’s Crime. Click here to see the original.

Selection Book Look

Here’s one created by rfultrastars based on the cover of The Selection. That shade of blue!!  You can see the original, and more of rfultrastars’ book looks, by clicking here.

Unhinged book look

And one created by nereyda1003 based on the cover of Unhinged. Click here to see the original and find more of  nereyda1003’s book looks.

Have you ever heard of book looks before? If you have, feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments!


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