Nail Polish Sunday #6

It’s that time again, Nail Polish Sunday! If you read my last nail polish post, you may remember I had planned on showing the polishes that I got from Live, Love, Polish this week. However, I came across a new color yesterday and loved it so much that it totally derailed those plans. I’ll come back to those next time!

On to this week: The color that captured my attention is Solar Flare from the Formula X Liquid Crystals collection. I’m not sure of all the places where Formula X is sold, but I got my bottle from Sephora.


Why is it that photographs so rarely do nail polish colors any justice? This is an amazing shade of watermelon red with shimmering flecks within. One of those rare colors that is not at all similar to any others I own. Looking at it makes me crave Friendly’s Watermelon Sherbet, which is actually kind of terrible since all the local Friendly’s have closed.


But I still have pretty nail polish to keep me company, so it’s alright. ^_-

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