Change of Venue

Today I’ve decided to relocate from my usual writing perch on the couch and have set up camp on the dining room table. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s winter and there aren’t too many places I can escape to for a change of scenery. Sometimes you need a change of perspective to freshen things up!

I wonder if the screen is clear enough to read the text? Hmm…

Music to write by today: Norn9 game music soundtrack (the game itself is great too, if you’re into visual novels!)

Drinking: Paromi Coconut Almond black tea

My writing notebook also conveniently doubles as a mouse pad. XD And, yes, it is supposed to be on the left-hand side of the computer.

Sumo, on the other hand, is not a big fan of the change. He greatly prefers snuggling up on the couch to laying on the floor with the chair legs. At least he has his trusty Blue Dog to keep him company.


Sorry, buddy. I won’t make a habit of it!


      1. I’m actually love the music playing when I write, but with kids and TV and all the distractions, I can’t do it. I think I thrive in cubeville because there are things I SHOULD be doing, but don’t want to, as opposed to home where there are things I actually want to do more than writing.

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      2. Makes sense. I sat over top of a ballistics range in my former cubeville, so the distractions were frequent, loud, and literally floor shaking. I had no choice but to hone my ability concentrate. But there’s no way I could manage to focus with kids around either. Kryptonite, I say.


      3. Yeah, the kids are pretty tough. I actually live by a gun range, so on Saturday’s and Sundays when people come to visit they think there is a war going on, and after living there for 15 years, we hardly even notice anymore.

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      4. just watched “Pawn Sacrifice” (which, by the weigh, i was intensely knowledgeable of when IT happen) — how ChessMaster Bobby Fischer was pause-eye-tivvlee neurotic (nay, sigh-ko!) about quiet. you could have been SO MEAN to him !

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  1. If I have to concentrate, I prefer instrumental music, because the lyrics work their way into my head and get stuck there. I can tune out most other noises pretty well though.
    It’s cool that you can write from home, though! I would be afraid of getting distracted by my to do list! Usually I wrote my blogs from my phone during my lunch break at work… No guilt involved that way.

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      1. I still remember a time, long before autocorrect, when I sent a message to a (male) friend asking if he had a floppy disk. The “s” in a certain word was inadvertently replaced with a “c,” which led to a great deal of laughter for him and my unending embarrassment! XD What I wouldn’t have done to have autocorrect catch THAT one…

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  2. tis funny, and no, it ain’t trivial, where your posting/writing station is set up.
    sigh: i just came back from a week of no-computer, but actual writing (many would not call it that: ‘writing’) lounging in a hammock.

    now, back to gazing out the window at snow …

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