I’m Amphibious too! Or, Why It’s Important to Cover Your Bases When Editing…

This is somewhat old news, but it’s new news to me–and funny enough to be worth sharing. Last summer, the East Oregonian printed an article about Pat Venditte, a pitcher for the Oakland A’s. The title read as thus:

Image credit: Snopes.com

This, of course, inevitably led to a flurry of “froggy” responses like this one:

Amphibious Pitcher


and, even one from the newspaper itself. Lesson learned. Editing is a painful, tedious process, but it can save you from toad-ally embarrassing mistakes! (But saving you from lame puns? Not so much. ^_-)

PS-Fun fact: I made an indirect reference to this in my previous post, but, apparently I’m “amphibious” too! It’s a handy talent, but, heaven help me, I constantly confuse which direction is left and which is right. The advice,”Just remember ‘right’ is your dominant hand,” doesn’t work for me.  It’s an unending source of amusement for Hubby. >_<


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