Nail Polish Sunday #7

It’s that time yet again, Nail Polish Sunday! As promised last time, today I’m finally going to share about the polishes I ordered from Live, Love, Polish. I found out about Live, Love, Polish in a sidebar ad while randomly browsing the tiny place that is the internet. Though I don’t usually click on ads, the polishes in the photographs brought out my inner raccoon in a way that I was completely helpless to suppress. Seriously, fellow nail polish lovers, just look at these polishes and try to resist.

I didn’t know anything about the site initially, so I hunted around to find some reviews. A quick Google search didn’t turn up a ton of them, but the ones I did come across were very good. So let me throw my metaphorical hat into the ring. Live, Love, Polish is great! Unfortunately, one of the colors I originally picked was out of stock, but customer service contacted me promptly with the news.They were very responsive in updating my order to substitute another color, and did give me the choice to refund the cost of the sold out bottle if I didn’t want to substitute. (Since I had to cull my initial “want list” down from 10 bottles to a reasonable 3, I had no trouble picking a substitute!) I was 100% satisfied with how the transaction was handled.

Then we get to shipping. Most of the time when I order polish over the internet, the bottles come bubble wrapped inside a box, or in a padded envelope. I’ve only ever had one issue with a broken bottle with that type of packaging. so it’s not a terrible way to go. However, Live, Love, Polish goes above and beyond with their packaging. See the picture below:


Cute, right? Easy to tell where that box came from. And it even got a bit manhandled along the way. Were my polishes ok? Wait until you see the inside:


How could they not be?! Each polish was snugly, and individually, packed between the foam. They also came in gorgeous boxes, but by the time I stopped to think about taking pictures, I had already shredded them in my excitement to get to the actual bottles. ^_^;

Here are the three polishes I bought:

Blessing, Eclipse, Neutrino

Today, I did my manicure with Fun Lacquer Blessing. It’s a beautiful blue/green/purple multichrome.


I admit, I was a little bit skeptical as to whether or not it would be as pretty in person as it was in the bottle and the photographs. I’ve excitedly bought many multichrome polishes in the past only to be disappointed. That was not the case with Blessing. It is the best multichrome polish I have ever owned/worn. Covers completely in 2 coats, and the color change is even more apparent on the nail than in the bottle.


Love, love, love! ❤ Has anyone else ordered from Live, Love, Polish? Any color recommendations to share?



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