Reflection: Dragon’s Bane Cover Reveal!

As promised, today is cover reveal day for Reflection: Dragon’s Bane (Records of the Ohanzee Book 4). Even though the release is still months away (after all, Book 3 only came out a month ago!), I just couldn’t bear to keep this one under wraps until then. My lack of willpower related to cover reveals is a well-established fact.

As with the previous three books, the cover for this one was also created by West Coast Design.

Some of you may already have noticed this, but for those that haven’t (or haven’t read the books), there is a pattern in the books’ titles. Book 2 featured Caeneus on the cover and was titled after the name of Caeneus’ sword: Harbinger of the Phoenix. Book 3 featured Raysel on the cover and the title was based on the name of his sword:  Thorn of the White Rose. And Book 4 is titled Dragon’s Bane, which is the name of Rian’s sword–so it’s only fitting that Rian be featured on this book’s cover!

Dragon's Bane Lo Res

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