Goodreads Giveaway Time!


Time to chase off the midwinter blues with a Goodreads giveaway! Or at least, I had planned the timing of this giveaway to coincide with the onset of midwinter blues here in Ohio, but our weather has been oddly warm (read: hovering around 50-60F and rainy), meaning that the doldrums haven’t quite had a chance to set in yet.

Still, time waits for no man–or Mother Nature, apparently–so on to the giveaway details! I’m giving away one copy each of the paperback versions of Reflection: The Stranger in the Mirror, Reflection: Harbinger of the Phoenix, and Reflection: Thorn of the White Rose. The entry deadline for a chance to win is midnight (PST) on January 22. (Limited to those with US postal addresses only.)

Goodreads members: You can enter by logging into your account and clicking on the cover images below to go to the giveaway entry page. Since only one book can be listed at a time, I had to create a separate giveaway for each volume, so make sure to visit all three links if you want to enter for each of the books! Good luck!

reflection low res
Click here for Book 1

Harbinger of the Phoenix low res
Click here for Book 2

Reflection: Thorn of the White Rose
Click here for Book 3


  1. Very cool! If I win, can you please sign it for me? I need to put you in the calendar so I make sure to review the first book…when I was in school I didn’t mark any books down for review dates and then forgot about them, but it would be nice to review your book since you let me know when it was free!
    So now I’m filling out the calendar and it’s really helping me get older books reviewed. I’m doing a challenge too called Beat The Backlist where you focus on reading books that either you already own or are published before 2017! And your book counts! 😊
    I still love those covers, too! If you tweet about the giveaway, let me know and I’ll RT!!

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    1. Haha, sure! Normally, I ship directly from the printer to speed up delivery time, but if you win I’d be happy to send you a signed copy instead! XD
      Beat the Backlist sounds like a great challenge to clear out the TBR! I think I’d be tempted to participate too, but for now I’m doing a lot more writing than reading. And that ratio is only going to become more lopsided as Dragon’s Bane’s release date gets closer. ^_- I am looking forward to seeing your thoughts on book 1! ^_^

      PS-I actually just posted a tweet about the giveaway a few minutes ago! Thank you!!

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      1. Oh, then I’ll need to find it and RT it!! I would be honored to have a signed copy of something you wrote: I know you as a person and I already love that, so I’m sure I’ll love your books. I’m so glad I met you through here…I had seen your book but hadn’t put two and two together for awhile.
        Good luck on the writing! 😊👍

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