Happy National Reading Day!

Happy National Reading day everyone! The celebration is meant as a time to encourage reading in younger children, but we’re all children at heart, right? I hope that you’ll take a few minutes tonight to read to your little ones, or just spend some quality time with a good book on your own! ^_-


In honor of the day, I thought I’d highlight some of the recent reviews and recommendations from my Instagram page. If you’re still looking for even more suggestions, click on any of the images to see my whole feed (updated daily)!

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Happy New Year! 🎊 🎉 This month, I've decided not to participate in any challenges and instead will be sharing some of my favorite books from my rather eclectic collection (and a few more from my TBR) list. . Today's book is a manga by Matsuri Hino. If you're a shojo fan, you're probably familiar with another of her works–Vampire Knight–which has been immensely popular since it's release several years ago. But she authored several other series before that, which I actually like even more. Of those, my #1 favorite is MeruPuri (MeruPuri: Marchen Prince). This 4 volume-long manga is about a girl named Airi who, through various circumstances, meets a young boy named Aram. It turns out that Aram is a prince who has been cursed by his older brother. The curse was meant to turn him into an elderly man, but instead causes Aram to age only several years into a young man whenever he is exposed to darkness. As Airi works to help Aram break the curse and return to his home, she discovers that their meeting may not have been accidental, for she may have unknown ties of her own to Aram's world. This is a cute and sweet romantic story with a good balance of magic and mystery to round it out. I ended up rather liking the villain, Aram's older brother, as well. Plus Hino's art is gorgeous, as always! . . . . . #bookstagram #instareads #instabook #instabooks #booksofinstagram #bibliophile #booklover #bookworm #readersofinstagram #reader #booklove #bookobsessed #bookaholic #bookaddict #lovebooks #booksbooksbooks #bookish #booknerd #bookaddiction #bookgeek #bookstagrammer #reading #igreads #bookphotography #merupuri #matsurihino #fantasy #manga #bookwormsfeature

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January books 16 ❄️️ The Queen's Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler ❄️️ Today's book is my current read: the first book in a classically styled epic fantasy series. I picked up all three books released so far when they were on sale for $1.99 each a few weeks ago as a faith buy because I've heard such good things about Wheeler's writing. I'm about halfway through and it hasn't let me down so far! Admittedly, I was a bit surprised that the main character isn't actually the Queen's Poisoner (as one might expect based on the title), but is instead an eight-year-old boy, Owen, who is basically being held hostage by the King. There have been a few instances where I questioned whether a child that age would be as perceptive as Owen is, but it doesn't diminish my enjoyment of the story. Quite the opposite, actually, because Owen's position as a child offers a unique perspective in that it allows him to interact with the adult characters and their plots without being considered a "player" in their intrigues. Definitely worth a read if you enjoy traditional epic fantasy! . . . . . #bookstagram #instareads #instabook #instabooks #igreads #booksofinstagram #bibliophile #booklover #bookworm #readersofinstagram #reader #booklove #bookobsessed #bookaholic #bookaddict #lovebooks #booksbooksbooks #bookish #bookphotography #bookgeek #booknerd #bookstagrammer #fantasy #epicreads #ya #yalit #yabooks

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