How to Write when it’s @#?$! Cold Outside


Well, it finally happened. We’ve managed to dodge the bullet for weeks, but being blanketed in the white plague is an inevitability in Ohio. I’d like to say that I like snow. It’s fluffy, sparkly, and pure white. Absolutely beautiful to look at. But, I know that it will, also inevitably, become an icy, grey slush that turns the roads into skating rinks. You may as well
abandon all hope ye who want to venture outside of the house without risking life and limb (ok, mostly just limb). And if you do venture out…


it’s cold out there, folks! Not as cold as some places are right now (remember that NFL playoff game in MN yesterday??), but this is definitely cold for Ohio.

Let’s just pretend that “8” is a typo and that they meant to say “80.”

And it’s not going to get better anytime soon, either. Looking outside the window now, I can see that it’s already started to snow again.

So here’s a photo journey of how I stay cozy and warm and write when it’s freezing outside.

“Grog make fire.” *Flips light switch* “Fire good.”

First, turn on the fire. It’s a gas fireplace. I know, that’s cheating. But there is a certain charm about being able to make fire with a flick of a finger. (I’m looking at you, Roy Mustang. ^_-)

One way to make roses bloom in winter.

Next, liquid inspiration–a pot of warm tea. My favorite: Harney & Sons Rose Scented Black.

No-calorie, non-fat s’mores for the win.

Follow up with a liberal application of heated s’mores slippers.

You can tell from his expression that Sumo likes the cold just as much as I do. XD

Add one fuzzy radiant heater on the arm rest and I’m ready to go!

And when the writing is done, the best way to enjoy the evening…

winter activity

PS- Despite the cold and snow, my tough little pansies are being role models of how to weather the weather. If they can make it, we can too!

Still here, even though they don’t look too happy about it.

Stay warm everybody. The cold may be inevitable, but spring is too! While we count the days until then, what are you doing to cope with the cold where you live?


  1. I love your teapot – so pretty. I like to hang out inside with a cup of tea (or 12) too, but sadly, I have 3 kids who play hockey… I dream of a cozy afternoon by the fire, but I’m usually freezing my a** off at a rink. :). So buy the best pair of boots you can, layer up an get out there is the only advice I have!

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    1. Thank you! I love it too–it has a built in mesh to hold loose tea leaves in the top of it, which is so convenient!
      Now you’re reminding me of that bank card commercial about the mom with kids that play hockey who is always stuck in the cold everywhere she goes. You’re far tougher against the cold than I am! But an excuse to get a nice, new pair of boots does sound like a good idea. ^_-

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  2. Where I live looks like spring is already here. Sunny days and 7 degrees Celsius. Time to go to the beach, right? :)) We’ve had a little snow and 3-4 days with under 0 degrees temperatures, but enough. Nevertheless, I know cold will come again. Colder than now in Ohio 🙂

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    1. Yeah, the NW did have it rough last year! I’m still reeling from the winter we had here two years ago. It was brutal. There were definitely some freakishly cold days last year too, but nothing I’ve experienced compares to 2014.
      And while Sumo isn’t a happy camper now, it’s partially because he’s spoiled rotten. We have him trained to use an indoor doggy potty, so he doesn’t even have to go out into the cold and wet to do his doggy business. He’s just unhappy because he can’t go out and play ball in the backyard like we usually do. XD

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  3. Ohio sounds like north Idaho. We tell the Californians that move here that to survive the winter, you need a winter hobby. OK, well, most people say winter *sport*, but I say winter hobby. That’s when I read all I want without feeling guilty about wasting daylight, cross stitch, do interior home projects, and binge watch Netflix. Come spring, I’m back outside, gardening, waking the dog, swimming, etc. Just soaking up as much sun as I can.

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    1. Haha, hobby, I like that! The winter weather didn’t really start to bother me until a couple of years ago when we had a particularly cold and dreary season. I kid you not, that summer I had repeated nightmares that it was already winter again and I had somehow missed the summer and fall altogether. I never have been fond of (outdoor) winter sports though.

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  4. Same here! I usually don’t mind winter except for the darkness, but my current office has huge windows and views of the lake, so I do get to see daylight rather than cubicle light and that’s made a huge difference.

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